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  • We’re Ontario’s most experienced solar installers and have installed 250,000 solar panels and 100 MW of cost-saving solar generation
  • All design, procurement and labour is performed by our full-time team of solar experts
  • With deep roots in construction and experience working with Ontario’s biggest commercial facilities – we are the best choice for installing solar on your home.
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There are Federal grants of 
up to $5600 available when installing Solar Panels?

Generate Your Own Electricity For Less Than You Pay Now

Reduce electricity bills and increase the value of your home

  • Installing solar panels on your home puts you in control of your energy costs and gets you off the ever changing hydro cost roller-coaster
  • Solar panels provide a high return on investment. Most home owner pay off their system in only 6-8 years
  • We’re perfectionists! Your solar panels will look and perform perfectly
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Most home owners pay off their systems in 6-8 years. Solar panels are high ROI and increases the value of your home.

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Now Is The Time To Make The Move To Solar

Eliminate your electric bill!

  • Rising energy costs make solar more affordable than ever
  • Federal grants can help pay for your panels
  • Solar can power your home AND excess electricity you produce is sent back to “the grid” and you receive a credit!
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Solar panels cost less than ever 
and provide a minimum life of 
25 years of service?

Otter Energy’s Core Expertise Is Solar System Design And Installation

At Otter Energy, our sole focus is on providing end-to-end premium solar energy solutions for your home.

For over a decade, we’ve perfected how we install solar panels and design cost-saving solar net metering systems for your home.

As Ontario’s most experienced design-build team we make the whole process of moving to solar simple.

From start to finish, our attention to detail and professionalism set us apart. That’s the Otter way.

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Protect yourself from rising hydro costs and make a solar investment that gives you a return you can count on.

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