Tax Credits

Ontario Businesses: Get Your Solar Tax Credits

What Ontario Businesses
 Need to Know

At the end of 2022 the Federal Government announced a generous investment tax credit (ITC) for businesses or all types to purchase solar, battery systems and heat pumps

The credit equals 20% or 30% of the capital costs of eligible equipment – including solar panels, battery systems and heat pumps. The credit will be “open” as of the first day of the federal budget for the following year and expire in 2035.

The credit can be COMBINED with other programs, such as the 100% CCA (Capital Cost Allowance deduction).

Zero out of pocket leases are also available.

This is NOT a grant program, it isn’t FIT.There is no application – it’s law

Tired of waiting on funding applications, or have you been denied? The 30% solar tax credit for your project is GIVEN. The 30% solar tax credit isn’t a grant program, and you don’t need to fill out applications.

At Otter Energy, we’re in constant contact with our government and industry contacts and will be among the first to know when this program gets underway.

Who is the New 30% Solar Tax Credit for?

There is lots interest in the new Federal 30% solar tax credit, and for a good reason. Businesses of all types will be able to benefit, and many will be able to combine the credit with other programs and incentives.

  • Municipalities, Universities, School Board, Hospitals
  • Farms and agricultural industries
  • Landlords and building owners of all types
  • Developers of all types
  • Curling clubs
  • Campgrounds
  • Don’t know if your business qualifies? Talk to us

Unlock the hidden value in your property and turn hydro bills into income.

Equipment Eligible for the Solar Tax Credit

Premium Solar Panels

Premium Solar Panels

High-Grade Heat Pumps

High-Grade Heat Pumps

Commercial Battery Backups

Commercial Battery Backups

Don’t Get Caught In Line
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Ontario business owners are excited about this new tax credit!

Don’t wait until the government says go. Talk to the Otter today to lock in your pricing on solar panels, battery systems and heat pumps AND ensure there is grid capacity at your location.

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