When deciding which solar partner to work with, it’s essential to consider the following:

Otter Energy solar installation team
The largest solar energy installer by volume in Ontario, Otter Energy has one of the most experienced and high quality teams in the industry.

1. Work with dedicated professionals

Otter Energy has been installing solar panels since 2009, and over the past 14 years, we’ve learned a lot and fine-tuned our process to make the move to solar simple. We have the largest installation team in the business and don’t rely on subcontractors. Having a skilled, dedicated in-house team is important when looking for a solar energy partner. Everyone involved in your project is an Otter Energy employee: designers, electrical engineers, project managers, operations, construction management, site supervision and the commission team. We have over 50 team members! This means we control our schedule, can keep even the biggest project fluid, and when we get busy, we don’t ever slow down!

2. Experience matters

Because of the number of projects the Otter does, we have become the largest solar energy installer by volume in Ontario. We’re fortunate to have one of the most experienced and high-quality teams in the industry and are deeply proud of the culture of excellence that underpins everything we do. Because of the volume of work we do, we’re fortunate to be able to offer preferred pricing on equipment and always have inventory of critical solar system components.

Kuehne+Nagel partnered with Otter Energy to design and install the largest net-metered rooftop solar project in Ontario at their flagship location in Mississauga.
Commercial solar
Otter Energy designed and installed a 1.36 megawatt solar rooftop for Dymon Storage comprised of 3,506 solar panels. The solar generation system produces over 80 per cent of the energy required by the flagship Dymon storage facility in Toronto.

3. The proof is in the projects

When deciding who to work with, it’s essential to look at a potential solar partner’s portfolio. We’ve worked with some of Canada’s largest landlords, institutions and retail operators to install massive solar panel solutions that save our customers significant amounts of money. In doing complex projects, we’ve learned how to navigate tricky waters (such as completing an installation when a big store is open or on a school that is in session). We have developed skills to keep all stakeholders on the same page and deliver what was promised from the start. Accuracy is everything. On average, our commercial projects produce within +/- 4% of our initial estimate — this is industry-leading and something we are very proud of. Check out our recent projects.

4. Things are rapidly changing

At the Otter, we live, eat, sleep and breathe solar energy solutions. We’re up to speed on every tax incentive and grant program and spend a great deal of time ensuring our clients find the funding they need for their solar project. And there have never been more options.

One of the key things holding Ontario businesses back from installing large solar projects was the impression that there was a long payback period. This is outdated thinking. The previous ROI period of 7-8 years has been blown out of the water due to tax credits and government support. Customers can expect an ROI period of just 4.5-6 years now.

State of the art solar generation system
With over 3,000 solar panels, this state-of-the-art solar generation system for Kuehne+Nagel will produce more than 1,500,000 kWh annually and meet 90 per cent of the facility’s energy needs.
Carmichael building Aerial Photo

5. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions

We meet with business owners interested in saving on energy costs and decreasing their carbon footprint with modern solar panels and battery systems. Beyond the math and “how long will it take” questions, it’s vital to ask basic questions about your prospective system. For example, the additional weight on your roof is never an issue, and we can install solar panels on any roof type (or even if you don’t have a roof). Solar panel systems can be installed in a modular way. You can start with one of your buildings now and easily add more panels in the future. Modern solar equipment has a 20- to 30-year warranty on all components so you can be confident of its lifespan. And lastly, we get this one a lot: you don’t have to clear snow from solar panels!

Otter Energy is a leading Ontario solar panel installer who has been top of the game since 2009.

We have installed over 300,000 solar panels for thousands of Ontario customers and have an extensive record of working seamlessly with some of Canada’s largest landlords, contractors, owner-users, institutions and retail giants. We are also the only solar provider in Canada that is ISO:9001 certified for measured excellence through every part of solar panel installations.

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