Now is the time to make the move to solar

Did you Know? Solar panels cost less than ever 
and provide a minimum life of 
25 years of service?

residential solar
Solar panel on a red roof

Eliminate your electric bill

  • Rising energy costs make solar more affordable than ever
  • Federal grants can help pay for your panels
  • Solar can power your home AND excess electricity you produce is sent back to “the grid” and you receive a credit!

Did you Know? Solar panels cost less than ever 
and provide a minimum life of 
25 years of service?

Generate your own electricity for less than you pay now

  • Installing solar panels on your home puts you in control of your energy costs and gets you off the ever-changing hydro cost roller-coaster
  • We’re perfectionists! Your solar panels will look and perform perfectly
  • Solar increases your home value from day 1
  • Solar paired with batteries provides unlimited duration backup power so you can keep your home running through the longest power outages
  • Achieve energy independence and protect yourself from hydro rate inflation
  • EV owners can charge their vehicles exclusively from solar
residential solar
residential solar

Did you Know? Most homeowners pay off their solar installations in 9-10 years (commercial solar installs are paid off in 5-7 years).

Solar panels have a high return on investment and increase the value of your home.

Did you Know? Most home owners pay off their systems in 6-8 years. Solar panels are high ROI and increases the value of your home.

Otter Energy’s core expertise is solar system design and installation

We have been Making Solar Simple Since 2009

We provide premium solutions

At Otter Energy, our sole focus is on providing end-to-end premium solar energy solutions for your home.

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Ontario’s most experienced team

As Ontario’s most experienced design-build team we make the whole process of moving to solar simple.

Cost-saving net metering systems

For over a decade, we’ve perfected how we install solar panels and design cost-saving solar net metering systems for your home.

Get to know the Otter Way!

From start to finish, our attention to detail and professionalism set us apart. That’s the Otter way.

We are Ontario's residential solar experts

Did you Know? There are Federal and regional tax credits and low-interest loans available to pay for your solar panels?

New solar installation
solar for home

Otter Energy is Ontario’s most experienced solar installer.

Since 2009, we have installed more than 300,000 solar panels and created more than 120 MW of cost-saving solar generation.

Our full-time team of solar experts performs all design, procurement and labour. With deep roots in construction and experience working with Ontario’s biggest commercial facilities, we bring that expertise to every solar panel system installation. We are the best choice for installing solar on your home.

Did you Know? There are Federal and regional tax credits and low interest loans available to pay for your solar panels?

What Customers are saying

Switching to solar has never been easier

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Residential solar net metering

Protect yourself from rising hydro costs and make a solar investment that gives you a return you can count on. Once you install an expertly designed solar panel system on your roof, you can generate free power. While there are many advantages to powering your home with solar energy – reducing hydro bills and saving money is often top of the list!