Working at the Otter

Your Career At Ontario’s Leading Solar Energy Company

Since 2009 Otter Energy has perfected the design and installation of premium- quality solar energy systems and solutions.

We help farms, businesses, institutions, and homeowners save on hydro costs and significantly reduce their environmental impact with solar panel systems and industry-leading expertise.

At Otter, we’re guided daily by the “3 Es” — the need to be Economically, Environmentally and Ethically positive in everything we do. We strive to be Ontario’s best solar installers and pride ourselves on our unique ability to make the move to solar simple. Sound like something you’d like to be part of?

Our success is made possible by the quality of the ever-growing Otter Energy team. We offer professional training and competitive wages and benefits. We are dedicated to building a diverse company where employees feel a sense of belonging and are valued for their contributions and expertise.

A “Q and A” with the head of Human Resources

At Otter Energy, employees thrive in a collaborative and diverse work environment that values teamwork, innovation, and sustainability. The company encourages project collaboration, promoting innovation, and a sense of belonging. With our wide array of projects, employees gain valuable experiences and skills for their professional growth.

Otter Energy is committed to sustainability, focusing on reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices, thereby making a positive impact on the planet. The company also invests in employee well-being and growth through training programs, mentorship opportunities, and work-life balance support, creating a fulfilling work environment for personal and professional development.

Working at Otter Energy can provide individuals with various job opportunities within the renewable energy
industry. Some potential roles and career paths include:

  • Solar Installation Technician (Commercial & Residential)
  • Supervisor (Commercial & Residential)
  • Construction Manager (Commercial & Residential)
  • Renewable Energy Project Manager
  • Solar Design Engineer
  • PV System Designer
  • Solar Structural Engineer
  • Solar Sales Advisor

Being a part of the Otter Energy team gives us immense pride and purpose. The company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship resonates deeply with us. It’s inspiring to work for an organization that generates renewable energy, prioritizes reducing carbon emissions, and promotes sustainable practices.

What sets Otter Energy apart is its innovative approach and forward-thinking mindset. Surrounded by experts and visionaries in the field, we can constantly learn and grow as we push the boundaries of renewable energy. The collaborative work culture is exceptional, fostering a sense of belonging and collective achievement. Collaborating with talented colleagues from diverse backgrounds fuels innovation and encourages excellence.

Joining the Otter Energy team was driven by our passion for renewable energy and sustainability. The company’s mission and values align perfectly with my beliefs and aspirations. Every day, we contribute to a more sustainable future and work alongside like-minded individuals who share the same commitment. Otter Energy isnot just a workplace but a community making a meaningful difference in the world.

Commitment to Sustainability: Otter Energy is deeply committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The company’s mission extends beyond generating renewable energy. It focuses on reducing carbon emissions, minimizing environmental footprints, and promoting sustainable practices. Prospective team members should have a genuine passion for sustainability and a desire to contribute to a greener future.

Impactful Renewable Energy Projects: Otter Energy offers the opportunity to work on impactful renewable energy projects. The company’s diverse project portfolio spans residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, providing team members with a range of projects to contribute to. Prospective team members should be motivated by the chance to make a tangible difference in the world by driving the adoption of renewable energy and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Emphasis on Employee Development and Growth: Otter Energy prioritizes the personal and professional development of its employees. The company invests in training programs, mentorship opportunities, and career advancement paths to support team members’ growth. Prospective team members should value a workplace that actively fosters their development, offers opportunities for learning, and provides a clear path for advancement within the renewable energy industry.

At Otter Energy, we believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is essential to driving innovation, fostering creativity, and achieving our mission of building a sustainable future. We are committed to creating an environment where individuals from all backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique talents.

We embrace diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, and socioeconomic background. We recognize that diversity fuels creativity and enables us to develop innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing energy challenges. By bringing together a diverse range of perspectives and experiences, we can better understand the needs of our customers, adapt to a rapidly changing industry, and make a meaningful impact on the global transition to renewable energy.

In addition to fostering diversity, we are committed to cultivating an inclusive working environment. We strive to create a culture of belonging, where everyone feels included, supported, and encouraged to reach their full potential. We promote open dialogue, active listening, and the exchange of ideas, ensuring that every voice is heard and respected. By championing diversity and inclusion, we aim to inspire and empower our
team members to excel, innovate, and thrive in their careers.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond our workforce. We actively seek diverse business partnerships and suppliers, supporting organizations that share our values of equality, fairness, and social responsibility.

At Otter Energy, we believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace is not only the right thing to do but also a strategic advantage. Together, we will continue to create a culture that celebrates diversity, fosters inclusion, and drives positive change in the renewable energy industry and beyond.