Is it time for a Removal and Reinstallation?

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When it comes to planning and completing a successful Removal and Reinstallation (Re&Re) of your solar system, there’s more to consider than most realize.

It is essential to have someone with specific solar Re&Re experience to help you navigate the process.

Otter Energy includes a full re-commissioning of the system performed by a certified in-house team. Not only is a Re&Re necessary for the maintenance of your rooftop solar system, it’s an opportunity to optimize your system.

5 steps to a successful Removal and Reinstallation

Planning & Coordination

Early planning and coordination is key to moving quickly. You want to minimize the revenue lost while your system isn’t operating.

Ensure no disruption to day-to-day operations of your (or our landlords) business.

Coordination with roofers is critical Only work with a company who has experience working side-by-side with roofers on large Re&Re projects (like Otter Energy!).

If necessary, coordination with HVAC contractors is also important to make sure any changes to equipment locations and vents are considered.


Look for a solar installation specialist who understands how your system needs to be assembled to ensure consistent quality and conformance with applicable codes and standards.

Ensure your roof warranty is maintained, even when there is a roof material conversion (e.g. from from FPDM to TPO roof).

Respect the Lease Requirements. In the ease where a roof lease is in place, ensure you maintain conformance with the terms of the roof lease and building owner’s requirements.

Ensure your Connection Agreement is respected. You may have notice provisions for disconnecting and reconnecting.

Proper Storage & Care

Proper handling and storage of modules is essential to protecting your investment.

Used skids create problems. Use solid, new and appropriately sized skids to avoid mishaps.

Careful packaging is key to protecting the equipment while work is being done.

If you have the opportunity to store equipment somewhere on the roof, you can save money on lifting storage and minimizing handling.

Consult an Expert

If you have any questions at all, ask a professional. You want to protect your investment. An expert will not only ensure the integrity or our equipment is maintained, they can also offer advice on how to get the most out or our system. Most importantly, an expert will minimize your downtime and lost revenue.


Corrective and Preventative Maintenance. A Re&Re is the perfect time to perform important corrective AND preventative maintenance.

Upgrade underperrorming equipment. Central to string inverters? Damaged or degrading modules? You can improve the performance or your system with more efficient components and wiring.

We include a full recommissioning of the project. Your system is getting a complete once-over by solar specialists.

Download the Whitepaper

To learn more about how to complete a successful Re&Re, please download our free Whitepaper, The 5 Key Steps to a Successful Re&Re.

To ensure the highest level of service for these Re&Re projects, Otter Energy has teamed up with Compass Energy Consulting

Removal and Reinstallation requires specific experience. Otter has that experience. In the business for over 10 years, Otter has the experience to understand how a system needs to be re-assembled to ensure consistent quality while conforming with applicable codes and standards. Otter doesn’t outsource any labour and relies on their highly experienced, in-house team to provide solar construction services to happy customers across the province.

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Otter has a proven track record working with major customers and completing over 15MW of Re&Re work in 2020 alone.

It’s simple, working with Otter means less downtime and lost revenue.