The Otter makes it simple to install a planet-friendly power source on your property and save big on energy bills

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Otter Energy is Ontario’s best solar panel and battery backup installation contractor.

Since 2009 the Otter has helped thousands of businesses and homeowners save big on energy costs while dramatically decreasing their carbon footprint. Our experience includes residential solar power systems AND Ontario’s biggest commercial photovoltaic systems.

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We’re guided daily by the “3 Es” — the need to be Economically, Environmentally and Ethically positive in everything we do.

We seek perfection with every installation – no matter the size – and achieve it through our proven, time-tested processes. As the most experienced design-build team in Ontario’s clean energy industry we can unlock the hidden value in your property while making the whole process simple and painless.

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Otter Energy: Ontario’s Best Solar Company For All The Right Reasons.


solar panels installed since 2009


of energy generated by Otter solar Installations

10,000houses per year

could be powered by Otter Energy solar installations


in hydro bill savings by installing solar panels

Over6million pounds a year

of carbon emissions negated by our panels

14years running

as Ontario's leading solar installer

Solar panels installed on your home or business let you generate your OWN electricity and pay yourself. Solar panels are reliable, low maintenance and have never been more affordable!

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Watch How Otter Energy Installs Thousands of Solar Panels

Otter Energy’s in-house design-build teams help agricultural businesses, homeowners and Ontario’s biggest commercial properties reap the cost-saving benefits of solar energy.

Watch as the Otter installs a state-of-the-art 3000 solar panel system on Kuehne+ Nagel’s flagship Mississauga location. These solar panels generate 90% of this building’s energy needs!

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Top Reasons Solar Panels Are Worth It

At Otter Energy, we’ve been helping agricultural, commercial and residential customers save on energy costs with premium solar panel systems since 2009. We’re Ontario’s solar energy experts and are always asked, “Are solar panels worth it? YES – solar power is a renewable, clean source of electricity, and there are BIG benefits to installing solar PV panels on the roof of your farm, business or home.

Drastically reduce your Hydro bills each month

Farm owner, institution, commercial business or homeowner – your electricity bills can be a big chunk of your monthly expenses. You can generate free power with a solar panel system on your roof and reduce your hydro bills by up to 90%! Talk to the Otter now to learn more.

Solar energy from solar panels means predictable energy costs

Tired of riding the Hydro rollercoaster and not knowing what your electricity bills will look like month to month? You aren’t alone. In the past decade, electricity prices in Ontario have increased by 7.5% per year. Installing a premium quality Otter Energy solar panel system, you can fix your rate and insulate yourself from unpredictable increases and fluctuations.

Solar panel systems increase the value of your property

Solar energy systems are an incredible investment with a great return. With professionally installed solar panels on your roof, you not only save on electricity costs but increase the value of your property. Our customers pay off the cost of their solar energy systems in an average of 5-8 years.

Solar energy reduces your carbon footprint

Solar panel systems expertly installed on your farm, business or home roof can eliminate TONNES of carbon emissions each year. Using solar energy, you can be confident you are helping the environment while saving money.

Solar panel costs are less than you think!

The cost of solar panels has decreased 90% since 2010 and there are more government incentives and solar tax credits than ever to help you pay for your installation. When you factor in the 25-year lifespan of our premium solar panel systems and the short pay-back period – unlocking the hidden energy savings in your farm, business, or home with solar energy just makes sense!

Solar panels give you energy independence

Solar panels give property owners energy independence. By generating your own electricity, you are less reliant on traditional energy sources and less vulnerable to price fluctuations and supply disruptions. Solar panels provide peace of mind and stability, especially during power outages.

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Otter Energy’s Partners In Solar Energy Excellence

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