With favourable government policies, new technological advancements, significant cost savings, and a strong push towards sustainable practices, solar panel installation is not just an environmentally conscious decision but an intelligent business strategy.

2024 represents a unique moment for Ontario businesses to invest in solar panels and there’s never been a better time. 2024 has turned out to be the year for solar. Here are the top reasons 2024 looks like the year more Ontario businesses than ever will install solar panels:

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1. Enhanced government grants and funding programs for Ontario businesses

In 2024, the federal and provincial governments have bolstered their financial incentives for businesses transitioning to green energy. These include grants, tax credits, and rebates tailored to solar energy projects. For instance, programs like the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) or Toronto’s energy retrofit loan can significantly reduce the cost of solar panel installation. An expert installer like Otter Energy has lots of experience finding the best route for businesses to pay for their panels.

2. In 2024, solar has a better ROI than ever

Solar panels have always significantly reduced monthly energy bills, directly reducing operational costs. But with continuous improvement in solar technology, 2024’s solar panels are more efficient, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Modern PV modules are more resilient to weather, have a lifespan of 25-plus years and come with extensive warranties. Moreover, advancements in energy storage technology allow businesses to store excess energy, ensuring a consistent power supply and further reducing dependence on the grid.

All this adds up to a quicker-than-ever return on investment. Businesses can recoup the installation costs within 4.5 to 6 years, leading to pure profit in energy savings for the remainder of the solar panels’ life. Free, stable electricity for decades is a compelling reason for any business to go solar in 2024.

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Moving to solar energy results in huge reductions in Scope 1 and 2 emissions and signals that a business has a documented strategy in place to reduce harmful environmental pollution.

3. Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) benefits

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly evaluated based on their ESG performance. Investing in solar energy in 2024 significantly enhances a company’s ESG profile by reducing its carbon footprint and demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practices. This commitment can improve brand reputation, customer loyalty and even favourable financing terms from institutions prioritizing green investments. Furthermore, employees and stakeholders increasingly prefer to engage with environmentally responsible businesses, leading to enhanced recruitment and retention. In terms of real environmental impact, moving to solar energy means huge reductions in Scope 1 and 2 emissions and signals that your business has a documented strategy in place to reduce harmful environmental pollution.

4. Regulatory climate and market predictability

In 2024, the regulatory environment is increasingly supportive of renewable energy initiatives. There is a global push towards net-zero emissions. Businesses investing in solar energy are well-positioned to comply with future regulations and avoid potential carbon taxes or penalties. Additionally, the solar market has matured, leading to more predictable costs and technology performance, making it an opportune time for businesses to invest. Installing solar solutions on your business means stable, predictable energy costs and significant long-term savings.

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Indeed, 2024 stands out as an exceptional year for businesses to invest in solar panels due to favourable government incentives, significant cost savings, advancing solar technology, ESG benefits, and a supportive regulatory environment. By transitioning to solar energy, businesses can enjoy immediate financial benefits and position themselves as forward-thinking leaders in sustainability.

As Ontario’s leading solar panel installation company, Otter Energy is committed to guiding businesses through every step of their solar journey, ensuring they maximize their investment and contribute to a greener future. Otter Energy has installed over 325,000 solar panels since 2009 and makes the entire process — from initial consultation to design to installation — simple.

Otter Energy makes solar simple.