With solar panels, you can generate your OWN electricity and pay yourself

Why install solar panels on your roof?

Energy captured from the sun is an endless, renewable, clean source of electrical power. Once you install an expertly designed solar panel system on your roof, you can generate free power. While there are many advantages to powering your farm, business or home with solar energy – reducing hydro bills and saving money is often top of the list!

At Otter Energy, we have solar panel customers who have cut their electricity costs by 80% or more. Many farms, businesses and residential homes with Otter Energy solar panel installations generate all the power they need from their solar panels.

How much do solar panels cost?

Over the past decade, the cost of solar panels has plummeted by 90%. During that time, solar panels (also referred to as modules) have increased in quality. The premium solar panels that Otter Energy uses are GUARANTEED to be 82% efficient after 25 years of use.

On average, our customers pay off their solar panel systems in 5-8 years. That short pay-back period the long life of solar panels make solar energy systems a very high return investment. The big bonus? Solar panels increase your property’s value and help stabilize your energy costs by delivering predictable monthly electricity bills. 

By “going solar,” you unlock a lifetime of hidden energy savings in your farm, business or home.

Why work with the solar experts at Otter Energy?

Otter Energy is Ontario’s best solar energy company. Big solar project or small, we help Ontario’s farms, businesses, developers, and homeowners save money on electricity costs by installing solar panels (also known as solar PV or photovoltaic technology) on their roofs to harness the money-saving power of the sun.

Since 2009 we’ve installed over 250,000 solar panels and designed solar electricity systems that produce a staggering 82,500 Gwh of clean, renewable energy per year.

Over the past decade, our in-house team of procurement, design and installation professionals has perfected the whole process of installing solar panel systems from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to make your move to solar simple.