Your Utility Meter Can Run Backwards

Net Metering is a program offered by your local utility that allows both residential and business customers to generate electricity from solar for their own use

If the electricity produced by a customer’s solar system can be used in real-time, then great. The customer is supplying their own electricity that would otherwise have to be purchased from the grid.

If, at any moment, the solar system is producing more energy than needed, no problem – the extra energy is sent back to the grid, and the customer receives a credit on their utility account, effectively running their meter backwards!

If the solar system is producing less electricity than needed at any given moment (at night, for instance), then whatever is needed is taken from the grid.

At the end of the month, the utility will calculate how much energy was taken from the grid, deduct the amount of energy that was sent back to the grid, and provide the customer with a NET bill.

Net Metering means cost savings, energy independence, and long-term protection against rising electricity costs. Net Metering is the simplest and most cost-effective way to get solar working for you.

Solar Net Metering: Fast Facts

Net-metering is a billing arrangement that lets you generate renewable energy and receive credits on your hydro bill for any surplus electricity you send back to the power grid.

Credits are carried forward to offset future consumption – up to 12 months.

Net metering creates energy credits (i.e. kWh), so all charges that are based on kWh can be offset.

Net metering is a regulation, (O.Reg 541/05) under the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998 and is available throughout Ontario.

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