Otter Energy began in 2009 with the excitement to build the highest quality renewable energy company in the country. At that time Otter began installing geothermal and solar systems and did a great job at it. Our reputation in the industry grew and before long we were heating homes, business, pools and sidewalks with the heat from the earth. On the solar side timing turned out to be everything. As Otter was getting started, the Ontario Microfit program was exploding.

This solar experience quickly grew and before long we started designing and building large Comercial generators. This has become the core of Otter Energy. Each year we seem to beat our previous years installation and in 2016 we installed 16MW and had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest developers in Canada. 

In a nutshell, Otter Energy is driven by quality and customer service. We appreciate every opportunity that is given to us and we work with this appreciation in mind.